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2009-07-11. I've removed all the links previously here as they'd all disappeared.
  • How to set up LaTeX 2e for Windows 95 - links to MikTeX, WinEdt, GhostScript
  • MiKTeX- Free TeX for Windows Users
  • MiKTeX (LaTeX compiler, packages, dvips, .dvi viewer, etc.)
  • Writing a University of Iowa Ph.D. Thesis Using LaTeX 2e
  • Aladdin Ghostscript
  • Source of TexBook (not as of 2009-07-11)


Visual Basic and related

Lugaru Epsilon - an Emacs work-a-like - My Favorite Editor for the past 20 years

  • Lugaru
  • Regular expressions - may be becoming a lost art.
    FYI. with Epsilon I was able to remove html from this doc by doing user conditional scan of this document with the expression
     R-E Query Replace: %<[^>]+%>  with: 
    This translates to search for every instance of a '<' followed by any number of non-'>'
    characters until you reach one '>' character. The '%' signs exist to tell the editor to treat these as normal characters
    and they may not be necessary as they are not special characters to Epsilon.

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