How to add a cat fur filter to a Lakewood Kool Operator Model 007 20 inch floor fan

If you have a hardwood floor, and one or more cats, you probably have tumbleweed fur balls moving across your floors. Add a fan and now the tumbleweeds are being blown everywhere. Add a computer and you have a computer full of cat fur.

I have two of these fans. I became tired of tumbleweeds and tired of computers shutting down after being full of cat fur. (A computer was not designed as a fur trap.) I found black plastic screen door mesh for 79 cents a foot in 48 inch width, and bought 5 feet. I used two extra computer power cords, each with their ends cut off and cord cut in half to stuff in this natural groove in the back of the fan. Voila, instant cat fur filter/trap. No drilling, screwing. Comments?

One fan with fur generator

Rear view of fan with black mesh

Sideview of fan with mesh

Rear detail view showing use of computer power cord